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  Cool White (6500K) Luxeon Rebel LED - 160 lm @ 700mA
Cool White (6500K) Luxeon Rebel LED - 160  lm @ 700mA
The LXML-PWC1-0090 has been discontinued.

The LXML-PWC1-0100 may be a suitable alternative.

The LXML-PWC1-0090 Luxeon® Rebel high power LED gives you the ultimate in design flexibility, with an extremely small footprint and the best operational specifications available anywhere!

Cool WhiteColor
90 lmLumens @ 350mA
160 lmLumens @ 700mA
85 lm/WLumens per Watt
6500Typical Color Temperature (1)
4500K to 10000KColor Temperature Range (1)
120°Beam Angle (2)
700 mARecommended Max Current (3)
1000 mAMaximum Rated Drive Current
70 CRIColor Rendering Index
3.00 VfTypical Forward Voltage (1)
10 C°/WThermal Resistance (1,4)
150° CMax Junction Temperature
4.5mm x 3mm x 2mmDimensions (L/W/H)

1.Values based on 350mA and a Thermal Pad temperature of 25C.
2.Viewing angle is the off axis angle from lamp centerline where the luminous intensity is ½ of the peak value.
3.This is the maximum operating current that we recommend for this LED. Higher drive currents are possible, but requires careful design of a suitable cooling system.
4.Typical Junction to Pad thermal resistance.
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Part No :: LXML-PWC1-0090

Additional Details Additional Information
Rebel LEDs are designed to be handled using automated pick and place equipment and soldered using reflow soldering techniques, so for hobbyists, R&D and lower to medium production volume users we also offer the LXML-PWC1-0090 pre-mounted onto 10mm square and 20mm single and 20mm tri-star bases.

Detailed Technical Specifications

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