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  Green (530nm) Rebel LED, Pre-Mounted On A 10mm Square Base - 161 lm @ 700mA
Green (530 nm) Rebel LED, Pre-Mounted On A 10mm Square Base - 161 lm @ 700mA
Exclusive to Luxeon Star LEDs, this is a singleLXML-PM01-0100Green Rebel LED pre-soldered to ourSaber 10mm squareMCPCB base. The Saber base makes it easy to mount the LED to a suitable heat sink and to work with the LED using standard bench top soldering and hand tools. The MR-M0100-10S can be ordered in any quantity with quantity discounts available.  

GreenLED Color
102Lumens @ 350mA
161Lumens @ 700mA
-Lumens @ 1000mA
100Efficacy (lm/W) @ 350mA
68Efficacy (lm/W) @ 700mA
530 Typical Wavelength (nm) (1)
520 to 550 Wavelength Range (nm) (1)
125Beam Angle (2)
700Recommended Operating Current (mA) (3)
1000Maximum Rated Drive Current (mA)
3.25Typical Forward Voltage (Vf) (4)
3.51Maximum Forward Voltage (Vf) (4,6)
16 Thermal Resistance (C°/W) (1,5)
150Maximum Junction Temperature (C°)
-40 - 135Operating Temperature Range (C°)
10 x 10 x 3Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

1.Values based on 350mA and a Thermal Pad temperature of 25C.
2.Viewing angle is the off axis angle from lamp centerline where the luminous intensity is of the peak value.
3.This is the maximum operating current that we recommend for this LED. Higher drive currents may be possible, but will require careful design of a suitable cooling system.
4.At the recommended operating current.
5. Typical thermal resistance from the LED Junction to the bottom of the aluminum base.
6.This is the value we recommend you use for determining driver input voltage.

Detailed LED Technical Specifications
MCPCB Base Specifications
Assembly Drawing

Depreciation Notice: This product has been depreciated (what does this mean?) as our new CoolBase series of FR-4 assemblies offers much improved thermal performance and a lower price. While the MR-M0100-10S is still in full production and can be ordered in any quantity, we suggest that you consider using the SR-05-M0100 for new designs.

Important Note About Stock We usually only keep a small number of this assembly in stock. However, we can produce virtually any quantity that you may require on demand. The lead time for larger quantities is typically 2 to 5 business days. Please contact us for lead times for orders above 1,000 pieces. There is no minimum order requirement for this assembly.

Binned LEDsDo you need LEDs with a specific flux, color or forward voltage? Order this LED assembly in 1,000 piece increments and we will build it using LEDs from the same bin. We can also provide specific bin numbers. Contact us for availability.

Click here to learn more about LED binning.
Regular Price: $12.39

Qty in Stock : (No Stock)
Availability : Built to order - Allow 2 to 3 days
Part No :: MR-M0100-10S

Additional Details Product Videos & Renderings

The MR-M0100-10S Rebel Star offers:

  • Efficacy of 68 lumens per watt at 700mA
  • A complete selection of compatible 10mm optics & accessories
  • Very long life with 70% of light output after 50,000 hours of operation
  • Can be soldered with standard hand tools
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Lead and mercury free, RoHS and REACH compliancy

The MR-M0100-10S emits a lambertian beam pattern with a typical viewing angle of 125°. You can further shape the light output of this LED using our selection of secondary optics & accessories.

We recommend that this LED not be powered at more than 700mA unless special precautions are taken to ensure that the LED is properly cooled at higher driver currents. We offer a complete selection of current regulating drivers.

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