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  Saber 20mm Tri-Star Blank Aluminum MCPCB Base For Rebel LEDs
Saber 20mm Tri-Star Blank Aluminum MCPCB Base For Rebel LEDs
Our Saber brand 20mm hexagonal MCPCB aluminum blank Tri-LED bases are designed to accommodate three Luxeon Rebel LED. The base is configured to power three LEDs in RGB operation, however with two solder-dots you can power all three LEDs in series as a true Triple MCPCB. Aluminum MCPCB construction provides an excellent medium for mounting and cooling the LED, while providing full isolation of the LED from the base enabling the designer to mount the base directly to any conductive surface without the need for additional electrical isolation.

Bases are available in any quantity - including single pieces, however if you order bases in increments of 15 pieces we will ship the bases as a single panel assembly suitable for automated soldering equipment.
  • Supports either RGB (parallel) or Triple (series) operation. (RGB is the default configuration)
  • Metal Core Printed Circuit Board construction
  • Bottom of the base is electrically isolated from the LED
  • 100% compatible with any Carclo 20mm Tri-LED lens
  • Provides an excellent intermediate medium for cooling the LED
  • Can be provided in 15 piece panels suitable for automated soldering equipment
  • Includes visual alignment marks to confirm that the LED lens is correctly positioned to the center of the lens
For hand soldering you will need to use an appropriate solder paste with a hot air soldering iron or pencil tool. Electrical connections to the LED base can be easily soldered using a standard soldering iron.
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Part No :: LXB-RT20B

Additional Details
Parameter   ValueTest MethodDocumentation
 Peel Strength :
 2.2 N/mm
GJB1651 in 4010  Technical Specifications
Dimensional Drawing
 Surface Resistance :
 1X (10^6) MΩ
GJB1651 in 5020   
 Volume Resistance :
 3.2X (10^7) MΩ
GJB1651 in 5020   
 Breakdown Voltage :
 1.5-3.8 KV/min
GJB1651 in 5040   
 Solder Float :
 260C for 5min
GJB1651 in 4010   
 Flammability :
GB/T4722 in 17   
 Thermal Resistance :
 6 C/W
 Dielectric Constant :
40C 93%, 96H   
 Working Temperature :
 <= 120C
40C 93%, 1Y   

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