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350mA Internally Dimmable BoostPuck DC Driver - PCB Mount

350mA Internally Dimmable BoostPuck DC Driver - PCB Mount
The 4015-D-I-350 BoostPuck is a 350mA, 5-28VDC, current regulating driver designed to power one or more high power LEDs from a DC voltage source that is lower (VIN < Vf) than the total forward voltage of all series connected LEDs.

For example, 6 series connected LEDs with a forward voltage of 3.15Vf per LED would have a total forward voltage of 18.9Vf. As the input voltage to the driver must be kept at least 3 volts lower than the total forward voltage of the LEDs, then an input voltage from 5-15VDC would be needed to power the LEDs using this driver.
Part Number : 4015-D-I-350
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Product Attributes RoHS Compliant, Pb Free
Output Current 350mA
Minimum Input Voltage 5VDC
Maximum Input Voltage 28VDC
Output Voltage 48VDC
(1)Input Margin 3VDC
Dimmable Internal
Efficiency 95%
Output Tolerance ±5
Maximum Flash Frequency 10kHz
Minimum Strobe Pulse Width 500 µs
Strobe turn-on / turn-off time <50 µs
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85°C
Weight 8.1 g
Dimensions L x W x H 21 x 21 x 11 mm
  1. Due to the nature of a buck regulator, the input voltage to the driver must always be higher than the total forward voltage drop of all series connected LEDs. For example, if you have a series connected string of six LEDs where each LED has an average forward drop of 3.5V, the required minimum input voltage would be 23.5VDC. (3.5 x 6 + 2.5) A standard 24VDC power supply would be a good choice for this application.
  2. This information is for reference only. Refer to the manufacturers datasheet for official specifications.
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