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263 - Polymer Optics 7 LED Cell Cluster Concentrator Optic Polymer Optics 7 LED Cell Cluster Concentrator Optic
Do you need to generate an intensely bright, highly focused light beam? Then this is the lens you want!

The Polymer Optics 7 Cell Cluster Concentrator Optic® array is designed to focus the output of 7 Rebel LEDs into a beam diameter that is 12mm wide, 25mm in front of the lens. The lens is specifically designed to be used as a fiber optic injector for beam insertion into plastic optical fiber bundles or lightguides. It is also ideal for generating a highly intense beam of light for illuminating small objects for inspection and microscopy. 
141-180 - Polymer Optics 6° 15 mm Circular Beam Optic - Holder Included Polymer Optics 6° 15 mm Circular Beam Optic - Holder Included
The Polymer Optics 15 mm, hex shaped concentrator lens offers both a very compact footprint and > 85% transmission efficiency. The lens is mounted into a white, flat bottomed holder (Polymer part 180), making it very easy to secure the lens assembly directly to the PC board with glue or silicone RTV. Polymer optics are manufactured from lens quality polycarbonate 
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