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Your Choice Of Any 7 LEDs Mounted To A 40mm Round FR4 Coolbase Board

Your Choice Of Any 7 LEDs Mounted To A 40mm Round FR4 Coolbase Board
Have any 7 Rebel LEDs mounted to our thermally efficient, 40mm Round CoolBase. You can order one or order thousands, there is no minimum order requirement or extra fees.
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Built To Order - Allow 4 to 5 weeks
Part Number : SR-02
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Select the LEDs To Be Mounted
NTC Thermistor (NTHS0805N02N1002J)
Mounting Base (SR-02G)
Important Notes About Ordering Custom LEDs
  • Orders for custom LEDs cannot be canceled or altered once your order has been reviewed and submitted to production! So be very sure that you have selected the correct LEDs before you submit your order! Custom LEDs are subject to special order terms as detailed here.

  • Before you order cyan LEDs, please be sure to read this important information about color variations.

  • Bases are configured to power each LED separately for parallel operation, however you can easily convert the module to power the LEDs in series with the addition of solder dots. See the connection diagrams below.
Documents & Media
Datasheets SR-02 Module Datasheet
LUXEON Rebel Color Line Datasheet
LUXEON Rebel PC Amber Datasheet
LUXEON Rebel ES Whites Datasheet
LUXEON Rebel General Purpose Whites Datasheet
LUXEON Rebel Plus Whites Datasheet
Thermistor Curves
SR-02 Thermal Monitoring Guidelines
CAD & Drawings SR-02 Module Dimensional Drawing
Lumileds Supporting Documents LUXEON Rebel Thermal Measurement Guidelines
Photobiological Safety Report (Eye Safety)

Thermal Management

A Vishay NTC 10K Thermistor (NTHS0805N02N1002J) is mounted to the board to monitor temperature and can be used for foldback temperature control. For more information about using the thermistor, please review our SR-02 Onboard Thermistor Temperature Measurement application note.

SR-02 LED modules must be operated to ensure that the junction temperature of the LEDs are kept well below the maximum ratings as specified in the LED datasheet. A suitable finned heat sink or other cooling method must always be used when operating this module. The size of the heat sink will depend on the ambient temperature and the current that is used to power the LEDs.

Bench testing that we have conducted with a SR-02 module with LXML-PWC2 Rebel LEDs powered at 700mA in an open air environment and an ambient temperature of 25°C has indicated that a heat sink with a thermal rating of 9 C°/W or lower should be adequate. However, you will need to perform your own testing and analysis to determine if this size of heat sink will be suitable for your application.

The SR-02 must be fastened to the heat sink using a thermal interface material such as our pre-cut Bond-Ply 100 pressure sensitive, double sided thermal tape or Arctic Silver thermal adhesive. Before fastening the module to the heat sink, ensure that the two mating surfaces are perfectly flat and clean in order to maximize heat transfer to the the sink.

Mechanical fasteners are not recommended for this module.

The bottom of the module is electrically neutral, so it is not necessary to electrically isolate the base from the cooling surface.

Optic Compatibility

The SR-02 module has been specifically designed to accommodate the Polymer and Khatod 7 Cell Cluster series of optics, including:

Drive Requirements

This module can be powered in parallel or in series with the addition of 0 ohm resistors or solder dots.

Want to power this module from a voltage as low as 10VDC? Then check out the FlexBlock LED driver. A single driver can power all 7 of these LEDs connected in series with any voltage from 10V to 18V*.

* The maximum input voltage to the driver must be less than the total forward voltage of all series connected LEDs.


Additional Information

The SR-02 LED module can be ordered in any quantity with quantity discounts available.

If you order more than one piece of this part, pieces may be shipped as part of a v-scored panel.

Important Note About Stock: We usually only keep a small number of this part in stock. However, we can produce virtually any quantity that you may require on demand. Please contact us for lead times for orders above 1,000 pieces.

Binned LEDsDo you need LED modules with a specific flux, color or forward voltage? Order this part in 1,000 piece increments and we will supply it using LEDs from the same bin. We can also provide specific bin numbers. Contact us for availability.

Click here to learn more about LED binning.

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