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Deep Red (655nm) Rebel LED on a SinkPAD-II 20mm Tri-Star Base - 1080 mW @ 350mA

Deep Red (655nm) Rebel LED on a SinkPAD-II 20mm Tri-Star Base - 1080 mW @ 350mA
The SP-03-D2 LED module features 3 LXM3-PD01 Deep Red, Rebel LEDs soldered to a SinkPAD-II 20mm Tri-Star base.

The SinkPAD-II uses second generation technology to minimize thermal resistance by eliminating the dielectric layer so that the LED thermal pad is soldered directly to the aluminium base. This ensures the lowest possible LED junction temperature, resulting in increased LED life, light power output and overall reliability.
Part Number : SP-03-D2
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Product Attributes
LED ColorDeep Red
(1)Milliwatts @ 350mA1080 mW
(1)Milliwatts @ 700mA2052 mW
(2)Wavelength Range650 to 670nm
(3)Beam Angle125°
(4)Recommended Operating Current350 mA
Maximum Rated Drive Current700 mA
(1,5)Typical Forward Voltage6.3 Vf
(1,5,7)Maximum Forward Voltage8.4 Vf
(6)Thermal Resistance8.7 C°/W
Max Recommended Junction Temp135 °C
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 120 °C
Dimensions L x W x H20 x 20 x 3.7 mm
  1. LEDs connected in series.
  2. Values based on 350mA and a Thermal Pad temperature of 25 °C.
  3. Viewing angle is the off axis angle from lamp centerline where the luminous intensity is ½ of the peak value.
  4. This is the maximum operating current that we recommend for this LED module. Higher drive currents may be possible, but will require careful design of a suitable cooling system.
  5. At the recommended operating current..
  6. Typical thermal resistance from the LED Junction to the bottom of the LED module.
  7. This is the value we recommend you use for determining driver input voltage.
  8. This information is for reference only. Refer to the manufacturers datasheet for official specifications.
Documents & Media
DatasheetsSP-03 Module Datasheet
LXM3-PD01 Rebel LED Datasheet
CAD & DrawingsSP-03 Module Dimensional Drawing
SP-03 Module STEP 3D Model File
SP-03 Module IGES 3D Model File
Lumileds Supporting DocumentsLUXEON Rebel Thermal Measurement Guidelines
Photobiological Safety Report (Eye Safety)

Thermal Management

The SinkPAD-II SP-03 Tri-Star module requires careful attention to mounting and cooling to ensure that the junction temperature of the LED is kept well below the maximum rating as specified in the LED documentation published by Lumileds.

For optimal cooling, we recommend that the module be mounted to a suitable finned heat sink (aluminum or copper) that is exposed to open air. The module can be mounted to the heat sink in one of two ways:

Before fastening the module to the heat sink, ensure that the two mating surfaces are perfectly flat and clean in order to maximize heat transfer to the the sink.

Mechanical fasteners are not recommended for this module.

The bottom of the LED module is electrically neutral, so it is not necessary to electrically isolate the base from the cooling surface.


Optic Compatibility

The SinkPAD-II SP-03 Tri-Star LED module is compatible with the following optics:

Additional Information

The SP-03-D2 can be ordered in any quantity with quantity discounts available.

If you order more than one piece of this part, pieces may be shipped as part of a v-scored panel.

Important Note About Stock: We usually only keep a small number of this part in stock. However, we can produce virtually any quantity that you may require on demand. Please contact us for lead times for orders above 1,000 pieces.

Binned LEDsDo you need LED modules with a specific flux, color or forward voltage? Order this part in 1,000 piece increments and we will supply it using LEDs from the same bin. We can also provide specific bin numbers. We can also provide specific bin numbers. Contact us for availability.

Click here to learn more about LED binning.

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