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EverLED TR - 48 Fluorescent Replacement LED Tube - Neutral

EverLED TR - 48 Fluorescent Replacement LED Tube - Neutral
The EVE25T8-48-S3 is no longer available. A suitable substitution is not currently available.
The EverLED™ TR LED Neutral White LED powered fluorescent tube replacements are the first commercially available LED powered 48" T8 tube lamps that use clean, safe, and long lasting Luxeon LED technology. The EverLED TR's patent-pending driver technology ensures compatibility with all standard fluorescent ballasts, eliminating the need for costly replacement of obsolete systems.

Upgrading your failure prone, environmentally hazardous fluorescent lighting system to solid state, LED technology is as easy as replacing the bulb!

The EverLED TR LED powered fluorescent tube replacement offers all the advantages of LED technology and more including:
  • Easy conversion to efficient LED lighting
  • Compatibility - Works with existing magnetic and electronic ballasts
  • Direct Replacement - No electrical work required for installation, directly replaces T8, T10 and T12 bi-pin fluorescent tubes
  • Environmentally Sustainable - No toxic lead, mercury or phosphor
  • No burn out failure - 70% light output at rated life
  • No flicker or stroboscopic effect
  • Dimmable
  • Instant Start - even in the cold!
  • 10 year, 87,600 hour life
  • Durable - No fragile glass to break
  • Recyclable
  • No light loss from reflectors
  • Cold temperature compatible - actually gets brighter as it gets colder!
  • No hazardous material disposal costs
  • LM-79 data available upon request
  • 96.3% Lumen maintenance after 6000 hours
  • DOE lighting facts™ registered
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