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FLEX 27mm Square, Solderless LUXEON Rebel LED Module

The FLEX SP-07 assembly has been discontinued. The SinkPAD II Star LED may be a suitable replacement.

Create virtually any size and configuration of lighting array using the FLEX SP-07 high brightness (HB) solderless LED module. Each module includes your choice of any color LUXEON© Rebel LED soldered to a 27mm square SinkPAD-II aluminum board. Modules can be ordered in any quantity and with any combination of board-to-board coplanar and/or wire-to-board Poke Home connectors, giving you the ultimate in design flexibility without the need for soldering or special tools.

The FLEX can accommodate all single LED optics currently offered on the Luxeon Star LEDs website.

Like all SinkPAD-II LEDs, the FLEX is designed to be fastened directly to a heat sink with double-sided thermal tape. No mechanical fasteners are needed, making this module incredibly easy to use for virtually any type of lighting application.
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No longer available.
Part Number : SP-07
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Select the LED and connectors that you want mounted
Mounting Base (SP-07A)

Select the connectors that you want mounted to the FLEX module from the above drop-down boxes.

The connector that you select for each position will be shown on the image below. You can choose any combination of connectors..

FLEX Features
  • Solderless
  • Extremely low profile coplanar and Poke Home connectors minimize light interference
  • Compatible with all popular single LED optics
  • Uses SinkPAD-IIDirect Thermal Path technology for the ultimate in cooling efficiency
  • Mechanical fasteners not required
  • Available with all currently produced LUXEON Rebel LEDs
  • No minimum order requirement with shipping virtually anywhere
  • RoHS compliant
  • Pb free reflow soldered
  • UL Approved MCPCB
FLEX Benefits
  • Unlimited configuration possibilities
  • Reduced implementation cost
  • No special tools or soldering required
  • Maximum LED life
  • Maximum lumens output
  • Improved color rendering and stability
  • Short production lead times
  • Wide selection of compatible optics
FLEX Specifications
Module Specifications  
Base Type 1.6mm SinkPAD-II™ Aluminum
Thermal Performance 0.7 °C/W
Solder Mask Color White
Solder Paste AIM NC-258 Lead-Free
Overall Dimensions 27mm x 27mm
Weight 3.5g

Board to Board Coplanar Connector Specifications  
Manufacturer AVX
Manufacturer's Part Number 70-9159
Max Current Rating 5A
Voltage Rating 300V UL
Operating Temp Range -40° to +125° C
Contact Material Copper Alloy
Plug & Socket Contact Area Plating Gold
Durability 5 insertion cycles

Wire to Board Poke Home Connector Specifications  
Manufacturer AVX
Manufacturer's Part Number 709296001002006
Max Current Rating (Wire Size/Current) 18/12A | 20/10A | 22/8A | 24/7A | 26/5A
Voltage Rating Depends on wire length
Operating Temp Range -40° to +125° C
Max Wire Insulator Diameter 2.5mm
Wire Strip Length 3.5 ± 0.5mm
Contact Material Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating Tin over Nickel
Durability 5 insertion cycles
Download Center
Thermal Management

The SP-07 FLEX module must be operated in a manner that will ensure that the junction temperature of the LED is always kept well below the maximum junction temperature ratings as specified in the LED datasheet. A heat sink must always be used when operating this assembly. The size of the heat sink will depend on the ambient temperature and the current that is used to power the LEDs. To confirm that the LEDs are being adequately cooled, follow the detailed instructions in the Measuring LED Junction Temperature section of the FLEX datasheet.

FLEX modules are designed to be fastened to the heat sink using our pre-cut Bond-Ply 100 pressure sensitive, double-sided thermal tape. Arctic Silver thermal adhesive can also be used; however, when used correctly, as demonstrated in this video, we have found that thermal tape performs equally well.

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