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April 6, 2020
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Luxeon Dental Emitter LED - Blue Lambertian; 600 mW @ 700mA

Luxeon Dental Emitter LED - Blue Lambertian; 600 mW @ 700mA
The LXHL-PRD5 has been discontinued. One of our 5mm square Ultraviolet series of LED modules may be a suitable replacement.
LXHL-PRD5 Luxeon® Dental LEDs are selected from the peak wavelength range most effective for short curing times, and are produced to elevated minimum power levels to deliver the powerful short wavelength blue power required to reduce curing times while enabling handheld curing wands. This revolutionary product line is specifically tailored to the dental curing industry to provide the source most effective for this application.

For help using this LED visit our library of application notes, design guides and documentation.

  • Radiometric power levels and peak wavelength specifications matched to the response curves of many dental resins
  • Extreme radiometric power results in short curing times. Less than 10 seconds
  • Direct light from the source of the desired wavelength eliminates the need for inefficient color filters
  • Low voltage DC operation allows for handheld cordless curing wand designs
  • Long life (up to 100,000 hours) eliminates the need for bulb changes
  • Near instant turn-on time (less than 100ns switching time)
  • Cool beam, safe to the touch
  • RoHS compliant and lead-free
  • Superior ESD protection
The base of this LED is not electrically neutral. If you need to mount this LED to a common heat sink, then you need to isolate the LED from the heat sink. Our exclusive laser cut thermal adhesive tape makes it quick and easy to both isolate and fasten the LED to the heat sink. Click on the Related Items tab above for compatible LXT thermal pads.
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