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Polymer Optics 6° 15 mm Narrow Beam Optic - Holder Included

Polymer Optics 6° 15 mm Narrow Beam Optic - Holder Included
The 120-121 is no longer available. A suitable substitution is not currently available.
The Polymer Optics 120/121 6° LED collimator lens/holder combination is part of Polymer Modular LED Optics® line of products that are hexagonal shaped to allow maximum packing density and assembly flexibility for Luxeon I Stars and PCB mounted Emitters. Polymer optics are molded from optical grade polycarbonate and offer high light collection efficiencies in a very small form factor. The lens includes a matching hexagonal holder that is mounted directly over the LED using an adhesive.
  • 6° beam angle
  • Hexagonally shaped for maximum packing density
  • Compatible with both lambertian and batwing LEDs
  • High light collection efficiency > 85%
  • Precision molded from optical grade polycarbonate for thermal stability and durability
  • Mounts directly onto the PCB self-aligning to the LED
  • Specifically designed to work with all Luxeon® I Stars & PCB mounted Emitters
  • Compatible with lambertian and batwing LEDs

This lens/holder assembly is shipped with the lens inserted into the holder. With care it is possible to remove the lens from the holder.

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