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April 6, 2020
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Polymer Optics 6° 38.5 mm Narrow Beam Optic - Pegged Feet

Polymer Optics 6° 38.5 mm Narrow Beam Optic - Pegged Feet
The 122 has been discontinued. A suitable substitution is not currently available. We will continue to offer the 122 until we have no stock left.
The Polymer Optics 122 6° 7 cell Cluster Optic® array is part of Polymer Modular LED Optics® line of products that are hexagonal shaped to allow maximum packing density and assembly flexibility for Luxeon I and III Stars, PCB mounted Emitters and K2 LEDs. Polymer optics are molded from optical grade polycarbonate and offer high light collection efficiencies in a very small form factor. This lens is mounted directly over the LED using standoffs molded into the bottom of the lens.

The output beam of the 122 cluster optic is rendered homogeneous within 100mm from front of optic giving excellent color mixing with RGB LED arrays. The 122 can also be mixed with the 125 cluster optic in a single assembly to optimize illumination distribution.

  • 6° beam angle
  • Hexagonally shaped for maximum packing density
  • High light collection efficiency > 85%
  • Precision molded from optical grade polycarbonate for thermal stability and durability
  • Includes stand-offs for mounting directly onto the PCB self-aligning to the LED
  • Compatible with Luxeon I, III and K2 batwing and lambertian LEDs
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