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Saber Z4 - LUXEON Z 20mm Square Color Mixing Array

Saber Z4 - LUXEON Z 20mm Square Color Mixing Array
The Saber Z4 Color Mixing Array features four closely spaced LUXEON Z LEDs reflow soldered to a 20mm (0.8”) square aluminum board.

This ready-to-use color mixing LED module can be ordered with any color combination of LUXEON Z LEDs, including a selection of UV LEDs. The LEDs can be powered separately or in series with the application of solder bridges between three series connection pads.

The Saber Z4 can be worked with using standard bench top tools and hand soldering techniques. This opens up new opportunities for Makers, R&D, MRO and low & medium volume OEM manufacturers to use the super small series of LUXEON Z LEDs in color mixing applications without the need for specialized pick and place equipment or reflow soldering.

The Saber Z4 features a thermally efficient, 1.6mm (0.063”) thick MCPCB aluminum base with temperature test points.
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Important Notes About Ordering the Saber Z4 Color Mixer

  • Orders for the Saber Z4 cannot be canceled or altered once your order has been reviewed and submitted to production! So be very sure that you have selected the correct LEDs before you submit your order! Custom LEDs are subject to special order terms as detailed here.

  • Before you order cyan LEDs, please be sure to read this important information about color variations.

  • Bases are configured to power each LED separately for RGB operation, however you can easily convert the module to power all four LEDs in series with the addition of three solder bridges as described in the Saber Z4 datasheet.
Documents & Media
Datasheets Saber Z4 Module Datasheet
LUXEON Z LED Datasheet (Whites)
LUXEON Z Color Line Datasheet
LUXEON Z UV Datasheet
LUXEON UV U Line Datasheet
CAD & Drawings Saber Z4 Module Dimensional Drawing

Thermal Management

The Saber Z4 must be operated in a manner that will ensure that the junction temperature of the LEDs are kept well below the maximum ratings as specified in the LED datasheet. A heat sink must always be used when operating this module. The size of the heat sink will depend on the ambient temperature and the current that is used to power the LEDs. Bench testing that we have conducted with a SZ-04 module with all LEDs powered at 700mA in an open air environment and an ambient temperature of 25°C has indicated that a heat sink with a thermal rating of 10 C°/W or lower should be adequate. However, you will need to perform your own testing and analysis to determine if this size of heat sink will be suitable for your application.

For optimal cooling, we recommend that the module be mounted to a suitable finned heat sink (aluminum or copper) that is exposed to open air. The module can be mounted to the heat sink in one of two ways:

Before fastening the module to the heat sink, ensure that the two mating surfaces are perfectly flat and clean in order to maximize heat transfer to the the sink. This module is not designed to be fastened with screws.

The bottom of the LED module is electrically neutral, so it is not necessary to electrically isolate the base from the cooling surface.

Connection Diagrams

Note that working with the Luxeon Z Color Mixing Array will require intermediate level soldering skills.

Saber Z4 Series Operation
Saber Z4 Parallel Operation

Optic Compatibility

The Saber Z4 has been specifically designed to accommodate any Carclo 20mm optic that can be mounted into the Carclo 20mm Pegged Foot Optic Holder. You will find a complete list of 100% compatible optics here.

Additional Information

If you order more than one piece of this part, pieces may be shipped as part of a routed panel that is v-scored so that each carrier tab can be separated from the panel.

Binned LEDsDo you need LEDs with a specific flux, color or forward voltage? Order this part in 1,000 piece increments and we will build it using LEDs from the same bin. We can also provide specific bin numbers. Contact us for availability.

Click here to learn more about LED binning.

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